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This search will find your search term anywhere in our book and video list. You can find either specific items or a large list of books and videos depending on the terms you enter.

Enter a book or video title, the keywords you want to find or the ID number from our catalog. The full title is not required. For example, type D-Day for all the D-Day titles, 11th for the 11th Cavalry or 101st for the 101st Airborne titles. Guadal will find all Guadalcanal titles. If the title you're looking for is not found, enter fewer words or just the word you want (airborne, tank, Patton, Blackhorse, etc.)

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Search Examples
Type 3rd inf and all books and videos with 3rd inf will be displayed. This will include the 3rd infantry and also the 43rd infantry and 103rd infantry. Click here to find all books for a specific Army or USMC unit. These are ready-made links to many units.

  • Arm will find arm, army, armor, 1st army, etc.
  • Enter Huertgen Forest and only those books will be found.
  • D-Day will display all books and videos about D-Day.

This search let's you easily find that hard to find item.

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